Krabbe Disease GALax-C (PBKR03) Clinical Trial

Information for parents and caregivers

GALax-C trial key

  • Name: GALax-C
  • Treatment: PBKR03
  • Goal: Study the effectiveness and safety of a new gene therapy, PBKR03, in infants with Krabbe disease
  • Ages eligible: 1 to 9 months

Passage Bio is studying a potential new therapy called PBKR03 for the treatment of Krabbe disease

PBKR03 is a novel gene therapy intended to help replace the gene that doesn't work in people with Krabbe disease, called the GALC gene

This clinical trial, called GALax-C, is studying if PBKR03 can help children with infantile Krabbe disease

First, infants between the age of 4 and 9 months will be included in the study. After a safety review, the potential treatment will be studied in infants between 1 and 9 months old

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